Mission Statement

The objectives of Sentence are:

To continue the tradition of publishing excellent prose poems established by Peter Johnson's The Prose Poem: an International Journal (currently dormant)

To publish reviews and essays (personal, critical, experimental, etc.) about the prose poem, prose poets, and the poetics of the prose poem

To continue the discussion about the distinction between the prose poem and "poetic prose" (why is this distinction useful? are there other distinctions to be made?)

To explore the gray areas around the prose poem, especially in work that exists on the boundary between the prose poem and free verse on one hand and the prose poem and the essay on the other

To publish work that extends our conceptions of what the "prose poem" is or can be


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Sentence 10, available now, will be the final issue of Sentence. Therefore, we are no longer accepting submission. Thank you for your interest and your support.

Direct email queries to editor@firewheel-editions.org.