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Quick Fiction - "Quick Fiction is a literary journal, founded in 2001, featuring stories and narrative prose poems under 500 words.... Recent issues include Arielle Greenberg, Steve Almond, Stephen Dixon, James Tate, and more." Coedited by Jennifer Cande and Adam Pieroni.

Cracked Slab Books - "Cracked Slab Books was started to provide an outlet for experimental poetry and mixed media works. With the aim of publishing at least two books a year, Cracked Slab Books is dedicated to promoting new American poets and to introducing the English-speaking world to interesting international poetry and mixed media work." Edited by William Allegrezza and published by Raymond Bianchi.

POOL: A Poetry Journal. - "POOL is a national journal published annually in Los Angeles, featuring fresh and unexpected poetry. Each issue carries cutting-edge work by both established and new poets as well as reviews and an interview with a prominent poet." Edited by Patty Seyburn and Judith Taylor.

Quale Press LLC - is an independent, small publishing house that also provides desktop-based services to other publishers. Quale Press LLC focuses on publishing work that deals with the connections between everything -- on the "qualities" everything, and everyone, evinces and shares. We have a special emphasis on prose poetry, experimental fiction and politically progressive literature.

Double Room: A Journal of Prose Poetry and Flash Fiction - "Double Room is a biannual literary publication founded in 2002 to explore the intersection of prose poetry and flash fiction." Edited by Peter Conners and Mark Tursi.

by: Lorene Delany-Ullman
$18.00 + ($3.00 S&H)
by: Re'Lynn Hansen
$15.00 + ($3.00 S&H)
by: William Todd Seabrook
$12.00 + ($3.00 S&H)
by: Samana
$30.00 + ($3.00 S&H) HB
$18.00 + ($3.00 S&H) PB