March 1, 2013

Kugelmass looking for reviews to publish

Kugelmass is looking for essays/reviews to publish online that examine and reflect on humor in our culture. We are looking for reviews of intentionally funny things-stories, characters, movies, shows, etc.- not reviews of non-humorous things written to be funny. In fact, don't even try to be funny for once.

Length shall not exceed 1,000 words and the subject need not necessarily be limited to a particular medium, form or time period, just a steady gaze into the things we find funny, for better or worse, and what makes them so.

What we're NOT looking for: Commentary on social phenomenon, funny things you noticed at the grocery store or anything where the humor of your subject is not at the core of your essay.

And, like everything else, engaging, intelligent, surprising, insightful sentences will be valued above all. Feel free to query.

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