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Aimee Bender, Yoni Brenner, Ellen Ferguson, William Giraldi, Ben Greenman, Dan Kennedy, Daniel Nester (and more!) make this one better than strong.


Editor's Note
Editor David Holub sells the issue very, very well. [view]

Steve Almond discusses who and what makes writing funny and how we should probe our lives for this one important thing. [view]

Aimee Bender: "Lady of the Mail"
A postal worker-turned-playwright gets caught up in the whirlwind of community theater.

Yoni Brenner: "Women I Have Loved"
The ways women can come and go can be raucous and quite spectacular.

Daniel Galef: "The History of the Cheese Danish"
A historical inspection reveals a "dark and complex history" for the "seemingly innocuous" pastry.

William Giraldi: "Bodies In Motion"
A body builder, Asiatic scholar slaves and protagonist extraordinaire Charles Homar, a man not made well.

Beau Golwitzer: "Dog Eats Dog Eats Dog"
In a house full of six children, Denny is clearly the best, at least according to their father.

Ben Greenman: "There Are Only Eight Kinds of Paragraphs"
A man ponders language, meaning and creation as a love builds and fades.

Dan Kennedy: "I Believe This Was the End of My Clothing Catalogue Copywriting Job"
Existential clothing descriptions manage to break your heart and sell you a sweater or two.

Jonathan Silverman: "Ask Dr. Funny"
Why do we laugh at one thing and not the other? Dr. Funny has answers.

Colin Winnette: "Squeak Toys"
An attempt to fornicate with a dolphin goes awry. What did you expect?

Ellen Ferguson: "Tina Fey Ruined My Beach Vacation"
It's hard to play it cool when you and you-know-who share the same getaway spot.

Julie Kraut: "Kosher for Africa"
When living in Africa with a conservative Christian for a roommate, being Jewish can be difficult.

Daniel Nester: "On Having Small Hands and Feet"
Certain parts of his body are tiny in comparison to the rest, but we assure you, not all of them.

Fred Siegel: "Mysteries of the Bronx"

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