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It's amazing what our contributors manage to make funny: Larry Doyle gets laughs out of a funeral, David Kirby parses language, Simon Rich's childhood karate teacher gets his ass handed to him by thugs, Mike Birbiglia gets cozy with a bear, Teresa Milbrodt brings a heartbreakingly funny tale of a mythological beast turned neighborhood pet and contributing editors Steve Almond and Dan Pope show just how bad writing can be. And more!

Essays by:
Steve Almond
Mike Birbiglia
David Kirby
Simon Rich

Stories by:
Larry Doyle
Larry Gaffney
David Galef
Kurt Luchs
Teresa Milbrodt
Thomas Mundt
Dan Pope
D. Harlan Wilson
Curtis VanDonkelaar

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  • Kugelmass number 1
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  • 122 pages
  • ISBN: 978-0-9828957-0-2