March 15, 2013

Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

By Dr. Funny, PhD

Dr. Funny is online and loving it. Breaking down the Internet's humor would be a lifetime task (and certainly not a Lifetime movie), one that Dr. Funny hopes to undertake as long as there is an Internet willing to print, er, post, er something written by him. He understands that he is merely writing for himself or perhaps a 42-year-old woman in Idaho. Onto the question:

Q: Why is Selleck Waterfall Sandwich funny?

A: This is funny for a variety of reasons. First of all, it's a random set of images, and randomness engenders a type of humor. There is an absurdity in the randomness, the juxtaposition of images of things that do not seem to be alike, and yet are put together. And then there is the repetition of such juxtaposition. The humor comes not only in the repetition but also the variety of images pared together. The different images of Tom Selleck suggests a type of varietal even vestigial cheesiness, one consonant of an actor who has been visible for more than 40 years, some more high profile than others. So individual images feature this type of Selleck in a series of individual poses that connote a type of cheesiness. And then there is the sandwich, which is "featured." But the main reason is, there is no reason Selleck Waterfall Sandwich exists. I would argue that it's not a parody or a satire, and it's barely a critique of Tom Selleck. It exists because of its absurdity, art for art's sake. Dr. Funny feels Dr. Funny exists for the same reason.

One might also posit that Selleck Waterfall Sandwich plays on the way the past seems so funny in the present-Tom Selleck was a huge star in the 1980s and we wonder as we contemplate him in the context of a sandwich and a waterfall-one everyday and one prototypically beautiful-how Selleck fits in.


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