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Issue 4

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Kugelmass goes digital (but can't quit print)

We've been hounded since Day 1 to produce a digital version of your most beloved literary humor publication and it only took four issues to do it. All we're asking for it is $5, which basically means not Upsizing your Value Meal, what, three times?

What you'll find in Issue 4:
  • Essays by Charlie Geer, Tracy Golden, Daniel Asa Rose
  • Stories by Jenny Allen, Daniel Brauer, John Henry Fleming, Josh Logue, Andrew Nicholls, Joe Plicka, Ryan Shoemaker, George Singleton and Lisa Wilde
  • Poetry by Laura Ramos and David Galef
  • Comics by Pat McKay and photos by Pete Duval
  • Editor David Holub discusses two things this issue has in common: Digital publishing and Religion

If print is still your thing, which is cool with us, order that at the Issue 4 page or:

Print orders available to ship Nov. 29

Web exclusives!
Read the poem by Issue 4 contributor Laura Ramos that inspired the Issue 4 cover [here].
Read Josh Logue's story This is what college is.[here].