The Important Thing is...

by: Marjorie Tesser

  • Publication Date: 2009
  • ISBN: 9780966575491
  • Format: Box with 11 pages/game cards
  • Pages: 11
  • Price: $15.00 + ($3.00 S&H)
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About the Book

THE IMPORTANT THING IS...,Winner of the 2009 Firewheel Chapbook Award, uses the metaphor of a game to explore the interplay between priorities and primacy-- how we process competing influences on our logic, emotions, values and judgment. While written as poetry, it can also actually be played as a game ("John Cage meets Milton Bradley"). Whether "played" or just read as a series of poems, the work is meant to stir the reader to consider his or her own priorities, fixed and temporal, and to be aware of the myriad of influences at work upon them.

Marjorie Tesser's first book is a riot, a concept, a poem you can play and play with...machinations of language funneling to sorrow and joy, thrills, offhanded and wacky happiness. Deal me in. Y'all play along. Shuffle and shuffle and read read read. --Bob Holman, author of The Collect Call of the Wild.

About the Author

Marjorie Tesser is the author of THE IMPORTANT THING IS...(Firewheel Editions 2010, Firewheel Chapbook Award Winner), and The Magic Feather (Finishing Line Press 2011). She is an editor for the Bowery Books poetry series and is editor of The Mom Egg literary journal.


"Tesser has taken an enormous risk with her conceptual, non-linear poetic form... The poem is the experience of choice, of puzzlement, of confusion. Of fun." Richard Holinger in Pif Magazine

"...a collection of endless possibility... Playing this poem was pure joy and I am grateful for the important things I found in The Important Thing Is..." Nicelle Davis in PANK's-the-important-thing-is-card-game/

Tesser's chapbook slips outside certainties, authorities, controls, leaving her reader-players loose to enact their own language game, re-encountering the inherent antic plasticity of words and meanings. Keep in mind, however, that the universe has ideas of its own, so though "you might think the game is done when everyone is satisfied with cards he or she has, and doesn't want any additional cards. Tough!...Just for that, everyone pick a card, right now!" Marthe Reed in The Rumpus

"The Important Thing Is ... Card Game is more like an art installation than a book. However, it's all up to the person who interacts with this box of cards." Karren Lalonde Alenier in The Dressing Blog



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