The Genius of J. Robert Oppenheimer

by: William Todd Seabrook

  • Publication Date: Sept. 1, 2012
  • ISBN: 978-09828957-6-4
  • Format: Chapbook
  • Pages: 36
  • Price: $12.00 + ($3.00 S&H)
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About the Book

Winner of the Firewheel Chapbook Award

Before J. Robert Oppenheimer no human had ever been vaporized. The atmosphere had never caught on fire. The armies of the world had never stopped so abruptly, trembling under their helmets, and the New Mexico desert had not melted into glass. And while there had been other gods of death, never had there been one who was an American. It is little wonder they forgot he was only a single man. Merely a lanky, chain-smoking physicist who rearranged the universe for his country. And for that they destroyed him.

About the Author

William Todd Seabrook hails from Cleveland, Ohio, and received his MFA at the University of Colorado. His fiction has appeared in Tin House, Mid-American Review, CutBank, Quiddity, and 30 Under 30 Anthology (Starcherone Press). His first chapbook, This Semi-Perfect Universe, was published by Mud Luscious Press in 2012.



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